1st workshop on Megha-Tropiques Ground Validation (MTGV)

This international workshop was dedicated to Satellite  Rainfall Products Validation  and applications , with a focus on Tropical regions. The executive summary is available here

The discussions  focus on two key questions of special relevance  for satellite rainfall users and developpers in the Tropics  :

How  well can we evaluate Satellite Rainfall products and the associated errors in regions with scarce rain gauges networks  ?  

How do rainfall uncertainties propagate in Hydrological applications and the water budget ?

More detailed  topics below : 

Links towards presentations

Direct Validation – assessment of  GV  uncertainties

  • Direct validation from
    • rain gauges,
    • weather radar
    • alternative rainfall measurement (microwave llinks etc.)
  • Ground truth uncertainties  /  Impact on apparent product performances
  • Scale  and Sampling issues
  • Dealing with intermittency – validation of rain/ no rain mask.
  • Conceptual / empirical error models for satellite and ground rainfall products       

 Hydrological Validation – Rainfall error propagation

  • Indirect or hydrological validation techniques  (use of basin outflow  or other water budget studies )
  • Cross-validation studies using  measured soil moisture , water levels  etc.
  • hydrological validation : practical exemple
  • Analyzing and quantifying Hydrological models sensitivity to satellite rainfall bias and uncertainty.
  • Rain error propagation  in Hydrological  water budget

Preliminary results from Megha-Tropiques Validation activities

  • Preliminary diagnostic of BRAIN instant rain rate retrieval using tropical weather  radar
  • TAPEER daily accumulations performances  within the inter-tropical zone
  • Zoom on West African Super site results

Wednesday, September 25, 2013



Welcome; Megha-Tropiques: Rainfall objectives ;  A few random thoughts about rain retrieval from satellite data and its validation – Roca / Viltard / Gosset

Coffee break

OVERVIEW : Sources of Uncertainty in Rainfall retrieval from Satellite – Ziad Haddad

Validating/Improving Instant Rain rate Retrievals

A research framework to evaluate Level 2 active and passive rainfall products using ground radar-bas. – Pierre-Emmanuel Kirstetter, University of Oklahoma / National Severe Storm Laboratory

Improving the instantaneous vertical profiling of precipitation using ground based radar measuremen – Sahra Kacimi, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Algorithm Validation in the Megha-Tropiques Framework: An Attempt to Improve the Microphysic Parame – Audrey Martini, Laboratoire Atmosphères, Milieux, Observations Spatiales

Satellite Rainfall Retrievals during CHUVA-GLM Experiment: Rainfall Retrievals and Life Cycle Consi – Daniel Vila, Centro de Previsão de Tempo e Estudos Climáticos, Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites

Lunch (on site buffet)

Validating/Improving Instant Rain rate Retrievals

Getting quantitative information on icy hydrometeors contributing to mw scattering from radar – Frédéric Cazenave, Laboratoire d’étude des transferts en hydrologie et environnement

Comparison of Rain rates and rain classification from MT BRAIN retrievals over several operationnal – Matias Alcoba, GET, Toulouse et al.

Evaluation of the precipitating convective systems over the Arabian Peninsula using Megha-Tropiques – Paul Kucera, National Center for Atmospheric Research

Tropical convective systems life cycle characteristics from geostationary satellite and …. – Thomas Fiolleau, Centro Nacional de Monitoramento e Alertas de Desastres Naturais


OVERVIEW : Scaling properties of Rainfall – Venugopal

scale issues – sampling  – tbd

Scale-related artefacts on precipitation measurement: why they impact satellite rainfall estimation – Sebastien Verrier, Université Versailles St Quentin/LATMOS, LOCEAN/UPMC/IPSL

Simulation of rain time series with zero rainfall and actual statistical distribution in a Universal – Nawal AKROUR, latmos

Stochastic simulation of high resolution rain fields: application to assess gauge-based rainfall …- Theo Vischel, Laboratoire d’étude des transferts en hydrologie et environnement

Rainfall fields estimation by data fusion based on a variational 4DVAR assimilation technic….- Francois MERCIER, Univ. Versailles St Quentin / LATMOS

Thursday, September 26, 2013



OVERVIEW : The Uncertainty Model for the TAPEER daily rainfall estimates  – Philippe Chambon

direct validation and ground truth uncertainty

analytical/conceptual models for the satelite products : an example from the MT Water Vapor product – ramses sivira, Institut Pierre-Simon-Laplace

How to account for uncertainties when assessing rainfall products by direct comparison with gauges – Clément GUILLOTEAU, Géosciences Environnement Toulouse

 Rain-gage based rainfall products for the MT ground validation in West Africa – Guillaume Quantin, Laboratoire de Physique Théorique et Modèles Statistiques

Coffee break

direct validation and ground truth uncertainty

Direct Validation of Satellite Based Rainfall Estimates against Ground Based Observations from Rain – Elena Tarnavsky, University of Reading

Elucidating Errors and Uncertainties Through Deconstruction of Precipitation Products – Chriss Kidd, Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center

Satellite Rainfall Validation Activities over South America – Daniel Vila, Centro de Previsão de Tempo e Estudos Climáticos, Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites

OVERVIEW : Using Satellite Rainfall for Flood Modeling in Mountainous Basins  – Manos Anagnostou

Lunch ( on site buffet)

hydrological applications – Rainfall error propagation

Potential of MT rain Products for flood prediction in the Tropics – claire casse, Géosciences Environnement Toulouse

Some needs for a regional flood forecasting in West Africa, Abdou Ali, Agrhymet

Sensitivity of the hydrological model DHSVM to rainfall forcing: application to the Ouémé catchment – Theo Vischel, Laboratoire d’étude des transferts en hydrologie et environnement

A preliminary study on Variational Data Assimilation for the control of rainfall overthe Ouémé river (Benin) – houda yahi, marielle Gosset, Cristophe Peugeot, Sylvie Thiria, Serge Janicot

Sensitivity studies of the Hydrological Models response to Satellite based rainfall forcing in Benin – Christophe Peugeot, HydroSciences Montpellier – et al.

OVERVIEW : Uncertainties in measuring Surface Moisture and closing the Continental Water from space – ahmad Al Bitar

Water Cycle – Cross validations – other land surface appl

Correcting Satellite Based Precipitation Products Using SMOS Measurement- Thierry Pellarin, Laboratoire d’étude des transferts en hydrologie et environnement

How satellite rainfall estimate errors may impact rainfed cereal yield simulation in West Africa. – Johanna Ramarohetra, Laboratoire d’Océanographie et du Climat : Expérimentations et Approches Numériques

Coffee break

GROUP DISCUSSIONS uncertainties and validation methods / Error propagation

Cocktail reception Toulouse Town Hall – Reception par le Maire de Toulouse

Friday, September 27, 2013



Other Ground Validation activities and data sets, MTGV preliminary results. – TBD

Xband radar based Rainfall Quantitative Estimation during MeghaTropiques GV exercises – Modeste KACOU, Géosciences Environnement Toulouse, Laboratoire de Physique de l’Atmosphère et Mécanique des Fluides

Comparison of the Cameroon Weather Synoptic Stations Rainfall Data with TRMM Datasets – MOUDI PASCAL IGRI, Ecole Africaine de la Météorologie et de l’Aviation Civile/Laboratoire de Modélisation Environnementale et de Physique de l’Atmosphère

Validation of satellite-derived rainfall estimates over China – wei liao, National Meteorological Information Center

Validation and Intercomparison of Satellite Rainfall Products over Peru – Waldo Lavado, Servicio Nacional de Meteorología e Hidrología del Perú, SENAMHI

Precipitation product retrieved from EUMETSAT geostationary satellites. – Marie Doutriaux-Boucher, EUMETSAT

Coffee break

Other Ground Validation activities and data sets, MTGV preliminary results.

Preliminary assesment of the MT TAPEER product and impact of MADRAS – Taburet et al.

TAPEER preliminary validation in West Africa, Jully August 2012, C. guilloteau, GET

Lunch ( on site buffet)

Closing Discussion – Chairman reports

PYRÉNÉES ROOM : mini-course on R for Ground reference Rainfall Processing and SAt-Ground comparisons – a 3 hours short course based on examples to learn how to Quality control and process your rain gauges data with the free package R.