The tabe below gives a summary of the French geophysical data products. The released products are archived and distributed by the AERIS/ICARE data center .
There are 6 main processing chains yielding to a variety of products proposed at various scales over the 30°S-30°N region over both ocean and land.
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French Megha-Tropiques geophysical products 

Product short name

Primary Sensor



Rainfall (Instantaneaous)



Surface Rainfall (mm/hr) MADRAS Instantaneous/scan  

Surface accumulated rainfall 




Surface rainfall (mm/day) SAPHIR+all MW*+GEO** 1°/1day  
Uncertainty (mm/day) SAPHIR+all MW*+GEO** 1°/1day  

MCS composite 



Composite life cycle of MCS (radiation) GEO**+ScaRaB seasonal/regional  

Water Vapor -Non precipitating conditions  (Instantaneous)




Upper Tropospheric Humidity (%) SAPHIR Instantaneous/scan
Relative Humidity profile on 6 layers (%) SAPHIR Instantaneous/scan
Upper Tropospheric Humidity (%) SAPHIR Instantaneous/1°
Relative Humidity profile on 6 layers (%) SAPHIR Instantaneous/1°

TOA Radiative products (Instantaneous) 




SW, LW Unfiltered radiances (W/m2/sr) ScaRaB Instantaneous/scan     
SW, LW outgoing fluxes (W/m2) ScaRaB Instantaneous/scan  
Albedo ScaRaB Instantaneous/scan  
SW, LW outgoing fluxes (W/m2) ScaRaB Instantaneous/1°&0°5  
Albedo ScaRaB Instantaneous/1°&0°5  

Cloud cover products (Instantaneous) 




Cloud mask GEO*** Instantaneous***
Cloud type classification GEO Instantaneous  
Cloud top characterisation GEO Instantaneous  

*: all available microwave radiometers

**: all available geostationary plateforms

***: GOES-W,GOES-E,MTSAT,SEVIRI, at full temporal and IR spatial resolution