June 2017: Release of the TAPEER-BRAIN product

We are pleased to announce the release of the daily cumulated surface rainfall products and the associated uncertainties. This so-called TAPEER-BRAIN product is available for the period  from oct 2011 till end of december 2016, at the resolution of 1°/1day, archived at the AERIS/ICARE data center. 

For more information about products, please see the scientific web page or the AERIS/ICARE data center web site.

To access to the dataset, please first register to the AERIS/ICARE center (http://www.icare.univ-lille1.fr/register) ; then access to the TAPEER-BRAIN archive at  :ftp://ftp.icare.univ-lille1.fr/SPACEBORNE/MULTI_SENSOR/MT1_L4-TAPEER-BRAIN-1-5-BC.v1.00