3rd Workshop

3rd INDO-FRENCH Workshop under the ISRO-CNES Joint programme on Atmosphere, Climate Science and Oceanography

October 17-20, 2005
SAC Bopal Campus, Ahmedabad, India

Inaugural session

Dr. V.K. Agarwal Welcome Remarks
Prof. R. Narasimha ISRO-CNES Programme: Indian View
Dr. M. Desbois ISRO-CNES Programme: French View
Dr. R.R. Navalgund Inauguration
Dr. Kusuma G. Rao Votes of Thanks

1st Session : Brief Overview and Mission Details


Dr. G Raju Project Status in India
Dr. N. Karouche Project Status in France
Pr. J. Srinivasan Science plan: Indian
Dr. M. Desbois Science plan: French
Dr. V.K. Agarwal Overview: algorithms and Applications

2nd Session : ScaraB Processing


Dr. P.C. Joshi Earth Radiation Budget studies for monsoon regions
Dr. M. Viollier Accuracy of SCARAB
Dr. K. Rajeev Cloud classification algorithm: INSAT experience

3rd Session : Saphir retrievals and applications


Dr. Kusuma G. Rao Use of humidity data for science of monsoon systems
Dr. B.S. Gohil Humidity profile retrievam for MT: simulation using AMSU-B
Dr. F. Aires Possible algorithm for inversion of MT-SAPHIR
Dr. P.K. Pal Retrievals plans for INSAT 3D

4th Session : Madras retrievals and applications


Dr. R.M. Gairola Rainfall estimation using Madras
Dr. A.K. Varma TWC and LWC from Madras
Dr. L. Eymard MW measurements of land surface emissivity
Dr. F. Chopin Adaptation of the BRAIN algorithm to MADRAS
Dr. K. Parameshwaran Cirrus cloud parameters using Madras

5th Session : Sampling effects


Dr. R. Babu & Dr. G. Raju Megha-tropiques sampling effect
Dr. M. Capderou Megha-tropiques : a very particular sampling
Dr. R. Roca Dynamical sampling of MCS over India using MT

6th Session : Science and Applications, Oceanography


L. Eymard MW measurements and air-sea interactions
A. Sarkar Air-sea interactions studies using synergy of data
P. Terray Indian Monsoon, IO Dipole and ENSO
V.K. Agarwal / Rashmi Sharma Assimilation of satellite for ocean modelling for tropical oceans
E. Thouvenot ALTIKA project of altimeter foreseen for OCEANSAT-III
D. Sengupta Structure and movements of the monsoon rainband from satellites And Re-analysis
Jean PAILLEUX / Mathieu NURET Meteo France activities relevant to Megha-Tropiques

7th Session : Science and Applications, data assimilation


J.N. Thepaut Assimilation of MW data in ECMWF: perspective for MT
P. George Assimilation of satellite data for meso-scale modeling
U.C. Mohanty Simulation of intense convective episode over India using meso-scale model
S. Das Simulations of organized convective system using ARMEX
H. Laurent Characteristics of meso-scale convective systems over Amazonia & W. Africa

8th Session : Science and Applications, convective systems


R. Roca Radiation effects of MW in monsoon systems
R. Roca Climatic observations of MV in tropical areas with METEOSAT
F. Roux Studies of Tropical Cyclone systems
R. Krishanan An MT project on Monsoon break studies
M.S. Narayanan Validation of merged TRMM daily rainfall and study of intra-seasonal oscillations

9th Session : Science and Applications, Linkages


F. Parol Capabilities of multiangles & polarization cloud measurements (POLDER)
H. Laurent Combination of MSG and TRMM for precipitation estimation over Africa (AMMA project experience)
Arundhati Misra Megha-Tropiques Data product plans
V. Jayaraman MT data policy and dissemination
V.K. Agarwal / H.I. Andharia MT data distribution and MOSDAC

10th Session : Data utilization and Operational applications


J. Parihar Land applications using MT data
R.C. Bhatia IMD preparation for MT utilization
A.K. Vohra NCMRWF plan for utilization of MT data
C.M. Kistwal Tropical Cyclone studies using Microwave observations
T.N. Venkatesh Innovative methods for tropical cyclone genesis and track prediction
V.K. Dadhwal Meeting training and capacity building requirements of MT

11th Session : Validation Aspects


M. Ravichandran Validation of MT data with insitu observations
D. Narayana Rao MT data validation with MST radar and collocated facilities
B. Manikiam Use of Automated Instrument System for MT
G. Vishwanathan Ground validation for MT using weather radars
H. Laurent Precipitation Validation network setup in Africa for AMMA

12th Session : Brief presentations, about 5 min each


Hiren Jethva IISc
V. Sathiyamoorthy SAC
K. Dhanalaxmi CUSAT
R. Venkataratnam RASC, Japan
T. Narayan Rao NMRF
Suresh Raju SPL
S.N. Tripathi IIT, Kanpur
Prof. S.P. Venketeshan IIT, Madras
Prof. K. Muralidhar IIT, Kharagpur
Pradeep Kumar Pune University
Prof. D.V. Bhaskar Rao Andhra University
Prof. Animesh Miaitra Calcutta University
Dr. Swaroop Nandan Vora IIT, Gauhati
Prof. U.C. Kothyari IIT, Roorkee

General presentations


George Joseph Satellite-based space science in India