Announcement of Opportunity

The Announcement of opportunity is now closed since April 2010.
The MT International Announcement ofOpportunity, released by CNES and ISRO, aims at opening the access to the datafrom MT Payloads to the global scientific community through the submission ofno cost research proposals. Proposals are welcome on the use of both the rawmeasurements (the Level 1 radiances) and the geophysical products. All thetopics, including cal/val activities, related to the scientific objectives ofthe MT Mission arewelcome.
The methodology for answering the Call ispresented in this document (IAO-MEGHA-TROPIQUES). Note the deadline forsubmission: March 30th 2010. Information related to the Level 1 dataare also found there. Note that real time access data is not part of this Calland inquiry about NRT Level 1 data should be directed to CNES and ISRO.
Below we further discuss the details of theavailable French geophysical products. There are 5 main processing chainsyielding to a variety of products proposed at various scales over the 30°S-30°Nregion over both ocean and land. The table below summarizes all the productsavailable. More information is given on the "More here" link.
In case of any questions, please do nothesitate to contact the PI :


French Megha-Tropiques geophysical products 

Product short name

Primary Sensor



Instantaneaous precipitating conditions



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Type of rain profile MADRAS Instantaneous scan  
Surface Rain MADRAS Instantaneous scan  
Convective Rain MADRAS Instantaneous scan  
Liquid Cloud content profile (28 layers) MADRAS Instantaneous scan  
Liquid precipitation content profile MADRAS Instantaneous scan  
Ice Cloud content profile MADRAS Instantaneous scan  
Ice Precipitation content profile MADRAS Instantaneous scan  

Surface accumulated rainfall



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Surface rain MADRAS+GEO 1°/1day  

MCS composite



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Morphology of MCS (duration, size, etc…) GEO instantaneous  
Composite MCS rain GEO+MADRAS seasonal  
Composite MCS convective fraction GEO+MADRAS seasonal  

Clear sky/Non precipitating conditions



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Relative humidity profile 6 layers SAPHIR/MADRAS Instantaneous scan  
Total Column water vapor SAPHIR/MADRAS Instantaneous scan  
Total Column liquid vapor SAPHIR/MADRAS Instantaneous scan  
10 m oceanic wind speed SAPHIR/MADRAS Instantaneous scan  
Surface temperature SAPHIR/MADRAS Instantaneous scan  

TOA Fluxes



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Instantaneous LW and SW outgoing fluxes ScaRaB Instantaneous scan  
Clear Sky LW and SW outgoing fluxes  ScaRaB TBD