Space agencies

Megha-tropiques is an Indo-French space experiment, in cooperation between the two National Space Agencies :


Project teams

Each space agency has a project leader :

  • For France : Michel Dejus

Project teams are mainly composed with CNES and ISRO engineers. In France, the Astrium company is in charge of the microwave part of MADRAS. Members of CNRS/IPSL labs are also associated for ScaRaB and SAPHIR

Science teams

Science teams are also set up in each country, PI’s are :

For France :

  • Rémy Roca (LEGOS-OMP/CNRS) – PI
  • Hélène Brogniez (LATMOS-IPSL/UVSQ)
  • Nicolas Viltard (LATMOS-IPSL/CNRS)
  • Olivier Chomette (LMD-IPSL/CNRS)
  • Patrick Raberanto (LMD-IPSL/CNRS)
  • Sophie Cloché (IPSL/CNRS)
  • Jean-François Mahfouf (CNRM/Meteo-France)
  • Marielle Gosset (GET/IRD)