The french GV team

In the Labs

Marielle Gosset ( supervises GV and rain products validation with help from GET  (  and  LTHE ( ) colleagues.

Hélène Brogniez from LATMOS ( ) supervises the Water Vapor products validation.

Nicolas Viltard from LATMOS supervises the exploitation of the microphysics validation campaigns with help from LATMOS and LAMP ( colleagues.

Rémy Roca, Olivier Chomette and Patrick Raberanto from LMD ( ) are in charge of the  SCARAB calibration/validation.

Laurence Eymard  (LOCEAN ;  ) ensures the coordination with the CNES based calibration activities in close collaboration with Jean-François Mahfouf team in Météo-France CNRM ( ). 


In the field

France mainland is far from the Tropics ! we owe a special thanks to all the collaborators and technicians that collect data on the field:

Frederic Cazenave is based in Ouagadougou to supervise the Super Site activities and operate the Xport radar.

All our collaborators from the observing systems in India (BVET, in south america ( and in west africa  ( and their partners.

The PIRATA campaigns ( in the gulf of Guinea could provide additional offshore radio-sounding in 2013.