21-22 May 2008: Joint Science Comitee meeting in Bangalore, India

A delegation of five CNRS scientists from the French MT Mission Team and two CNES representatives has spent 2 days in Bangalore, India. A joint Science Committee meeting was held there under the auspices of ISRO.

The full status of the algorithms development, validation and science plans were reviewed. The long and rich discussions that took place during these two days underscored the large amount of work already achieved by the two countries as well as the large amount of work that needs to be done prior to the launch. The presence of Dr G. Madhavan Nair, Chairman of ISRO, during the first day meeting put a tremendous momentum on the rapid solving of the pending issues and was felt as an honour by the French delegates.  It has been acknowledged that such interesting and fruitful meetings should be held more frequently and the next full encounter is planned for next January, for an international conference on Megha-Tropiques to be held in Ahmedabad. Some smaller discussions will take place by then on specific topics.


A little souvenir is shown below with a group photo of the second afternoon left participants:
























Bangalore, 23 May 2008.

From first rank to bottom and from left to right:

Dr Raju, Prof Narasimha, Dr Roca. Prof Srinivasan, Dr Gairola, Dr Pal, Dr ? and Dr Viltard.

Dr Mathur, Dr Rajendran, Dr Gohil, Dr Aires, Dr Cloché, Dr B. Simons, Dr ?, Dr Liferman,

Dr Chomette, Dr ? Dr ? Dr K Rajeev, Dr Renaut, Unknow Soldier