GPM Science Team Meeting, Annapolis, MD, 18-21 March 2013

The US GPM science team meeting just took place near Washington DC. It was the first time this renewed group of investigators met. Drs Viltard and Roca participated to the event as usual (the french MT scientists are part of the team through a no-cost proposal since 2007). And it was a great opportuniy to update the international science community on the status of the Megha-Tropiques mission. The MT presentation can be found here .
This meeting also confirmed the insolent TRMM life expectancy (expected to acquire data up to 2017) and the readiness for launch of the GPM core in Feb 2014. As far as the GPM constellation is concerned it now includes around 10 platforms since the 183GHz sounders are fully now endorsed as useful measurements for rain estimation. This of course includes the SAPHIR instrument and the alike MHS, ATMS etc… Please also note the new multimedia materials made available to communicate about GPM that can be easily found on the GPM web site .