25 October 2013: Release of the french scientific Level 2 products for SCARAB and SAPHIR

We are delighted to announce the release of the french scientific Level 2 products for the SCARAB and the SAPHIR instruments. 

The Level 2 products are in the same geometry as the the Level 1 data.  
The products are delivered in HDF4 format: 
Upper Tropospheric relative Humidity  (%) for 3 layers in the free troposphere, retrieved under non raining conditions from channels 1-3 of SAPHIR 
We also release a Level 2-B product which consists in the L2 product averaged over a regular 1°x1° grid in netCDF format: 
-TOA shortwave and longwave Flux (Wm-2), and Albedo (%) from ScaRaB 
The data are readily available from the french scientific ground segment at the ICARE Data and Service Center at the following address: 
The release covers the period from the beginning of Megha-Tropiques operation in late 2011 up to now, and streaming.