28 december 2013 to 4 january 2014 : Typhoon Bejisa seen by SAPHIR on Megha-Tropiques


Typhoon Bejisa took place in the western part of the Indian Ocean from December 28th, 2013 to January 4th, 2014. The storm center passed approximately 100 km of La Réunion Island in the afternon of January 2nd. The SAPHIR instrument was able to capture 21 brightness temperature « images » showing the evolution of the storm structure from its early stage as a tropical depression, to the full cyclone, and then to the dissipating stage. The image shown here is the 183+-11 GHz image on january 1st at 2045 UTC, showing the storm at one of its most intense moment while moving toward La Réunion. The eye and eyewall structure are clearly visible and also the convective rain bands extending to the south-east and affecting la Reunion and Mauricius. A pdf document with all the images and also with the retrieved Upper Tropospheric Humidity can be found here. Full resolution images are available here .