7-10 oct 2014: Joint CERES-GERB and SCARAB Earth Radiation Budget workshop

The CERES, GERB and ScaRaB science teams are pleased to announce a joint workshop on Earth Radiation Budget (ERB) Observations to be hosted by the ScaRaB team on 7-10 October 2014 in Toulouse, France (more details here). All three of these missions provide complementary information on the Earth’s radiation budget. CERES provides cloud-aerosol-radiation budget data globally each day but at limited times of the day due to its sun-synchronous orbit. GERB provides very high temporal coverage of the ERB from its geostationary orbit over a limited portion of the Earth, and ScaRaB on Megha-Tropiques provides ERB data from a low-inclination orbit. Such a remarkable and historic set of concurrent observations will provide unique opportunities to improve our understanding of the ERB from both the observational and modeling perspectives.
The purpose of this workshop is to bring the CERES, GERB, and ScaRaB communities together in order to maximize the exchange of information and ideas on this critically important area of Earth science.
The workshop will consist of 1.5 days of presentations from each team on instrument/algorithm/validation status and two days of invited and contributed science presentations, as well as discussions on how to make optimal synergistic use of the data from all 3 missions