The Xport radar

Xport is a transportable Xband dual polarimetric radar developed by IRD for fields experiments in tropical hydro-meteorology.
The radar has been deployed in several West-African site since 2005 :
In Benin as part of the AMMA program in 2005-2007
In Niger as part of the MT fist microphysics validation campaign in Niamey  in August 2010
It is currently being set up in the Ouagadougou Super-Site for a 2 year MT validation campaign
Xport is used to deliver high resolution rainfields based on polarimetric variables (Gosset et al, 2010, QJRMS, doi: 10.1002/qj.556),  statistics on the rain rates distribution frequency, and also for the analysis of the the 3D structure of MCS and the classification of hydrometeors (through  fuzzy logic Particle IDentification techniques).