6 January 2012: Presentation of MT to french students

Dr Rémy Roca gave a (long) presentation on the MT mission to a vast audience of french under and graduate students for the Paris Graduate School of Enviromental Sciences. The presentation took place at the Esclangon amphitheater in UPMC Jussieu Campus and followed the invitation of Hervé Le treut and Laurence Picon who are leading the school. It was a unique opportuniy to share with the upcoming generation of young scientists, the intense last 10 years of work that the french team has under taken. It was also a good way to showcase the broad spectrum of activity that such a mission is dealing with, from climate change interrogations to airborne microphysical measurements and heavy processing  computers sciences. Finally it was a nice way to start 2012, and to wish to all a fruitful year of scientific investigations with the MT Data that we all eargerly await and expect very soon.