30 March 2012: the ATBDs for the TAPEER-BRAIN and MCS composite products are available

Tapeer-BRAIN is a combined Microwave-Infrared accumulated precipitation estimation product implemented as a Megha-Tropiques Level 4 product. TAPEER stands for Tropical Amount of Precipitation with an Estimate of ERrors. It provides precipitation estimations and associated errors at the one-degree/one-day accumulated scale. 
To characterize the evolution of the energy budget along the life cycle of convective systems, a MT level 4 product, called « MCS composite » has been developped.
The ATBD (Algorithm Theoritical Basis Document) of the TAPEER algorithm and MCS composite algorithm have been published under the Megha-Tropiques Technical Memorandum  (MTTM)  n°4 and n°5.