17 july 2012: begining of the second phase of the Radio-Sounding Campaign

The first Radio-Sounding Campaign dedicated to MT-SAPHIR based Water Vapor products validation covered the 29th May – 11th June (15 days) thanks  to a lot of support from ASECNA (Agence pour la SECurité de la NAvigation Aerienne en Afrique et Madagascar). See an example of trajectory of a radio-souding here .
The second phase of this Campaign is aimed at sampling the moister atmosphere in the heart of the African Monsson and will cover the 17th July – 2nd August period. Every day a pair of radio sounding is launched in synchronization with Megha-Tropiques overpasses. The 2 RS are launched 35 min apart to allow simultaneous sampling of the lower and upper part of the troposphere while MT is overpassing.