Save the date: 17-19 november 2015, Conference on Water and Energy cycles in the tropics, Paris

The aim of the conference is to provide a forum to review and discuss the latest research on the topic of the water and energy cycles with emphasis on tropical regions. The tropical energy cycles are central to the climate, its variability and its future evolution as reflected in the WCRP Grand Challenges being led by both the GEWEX program and the WGCM. The dynamical nature of the tropical water cycle and the control on the energy balance on both the tropical atmospheric dynamics and water cycle is one of the main incentives of the conference. Sessions covering the various aspects of this complex coupled problem are anticipated, including topics on the large scale Hadley/Walker circulation, the ITCZ, ENSO, monsoons, MJO, tropical convection, extreme rain events and droughts, and water and energy budget studies associated with these phenomena. The conference will bring together theoretical, observing (in-situ and from satellites) and modeling perspectives as well as address the evolution of the tropical phenomena under climate change.

 The conference is to be organized by CNES, CNRS, with the support of IPSL, with the sponsorship of GEWEX and will be held from 17 to 19 November 2015 in the Institut d’Océanographie, in the heart of Paris, France.

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The schedule for the conference is the following:


  • First Announcement & “Save the Date” : 19th December 2014
  • Second Announcement & Abstracts submission:   2nd April 2015
  • End of abstracts submission:         15 June 2015
  • Notification to authors:       15 July 2015
  • Registration open:               Summer 2015
  • Conference:                          17-19 November 2015


The Scientific Program Committee:


  • Graeme Stephens, JPL, GEWEX, USA
  • Jorg Schulz , EUMETSAT, Germany
  • Scott Braun – NASA, USA
  • Yukari Takayabu – Univ of Tokyo , Japan
  • Eric Wood – Univ of Princeton, USA
  • Steve Sherwood – UNiv of South Wales, Australia
  • Paul O’Gorman – MIT, USA
  • Norman Loeb – NASA, USA
  • J. Srinivasan – IISc, India
  • Philippe Veyre, CNES, France
  • Rémy Roca, CNRS, France



Contact: Rémy Roca,

More information and updates at: