March 2015: Release of the experimental version of the TAPEER rainfall dataset for JJAS 2012-2014

We are happy to inform you about the release of an experimental version of the TAPEER rainfall data. 
The product consists in 1° x 1 ° x 1 day accumulated rainfall estimate (in mm) and the associated uncertainty estimation. 
The release concerns the June, July, August and September 2012, 2013 and 2014 over the tropical belt (30s-30n). The format is netCDF. 
The TAPEER approach merges IR geostationary data at full resolution with the GPM constellation microwave imagers, including SAPHIR on board Megha-Tropiques. 
The finalized dataset, covering all the period since the launch of Megha-Tropiques, will be released in the coming months via the ICARE center  in France. 
We will keep you posted on this formal release. By then any feedback will be appreciated as it will help to improve the products before this formal release. 
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